Clear Braces

get clear braces for discreet teeth straightening in North Las VegasYou don’t have to sacrifice your appearance to wear braces. Teeth straightening is a discreet experience when you wear clear braces.

Clear braces work a lot like metal braces. They use brackets, archwires, and ligature elastics to encourage the teeth straightening process. The only difference is that clear braces are designed to blend in with your teeth for a less noticeable alternative to metal braces.

Clear Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Clear aligners and clear braces are different. Clear aligners, like Invisalign® invisible braces, are worn like a retainer or mouthguard. They are removable, while clear braces are not.

Clear braces are a great choice for patients who want to ensure maximum effectiveness during their orthodontic treatment. Removable braces may be difficult to remember to replace, resulting in stalled results. On the other hand, clear braces are permanent, so they are constantly working towards your teeth straightening goals.

Clear braces are also a better choice for patients who have extensive orthodontic needs. Invisalign® invisible braces are a good match for those who have minor issues and prefer a removable form of orthodontics.
adult braces are typically clear and available in the Providence and Centennial Hills NV area

Adult Braces

“Braces for adults” is another name for clear braces or clear aligners. Clear braces are sometimes preferred by adults over metal braces.

Adults have established relationships, careers, and lifestyles, so their braces should blend in with their other commitments seamlessly. Clear braces might be the ideal braces for adults because they won’t change the patient’s appearance as much as traditional braces will.

Of course, since clear braces work just like metal braces do, they can be worn by patients of all ages!

What are the Other Benefits of Clear Braces?

  • Maintain your confidence while you wear braces.
  • See the stunning results you want.
  • Reverse all kinds of smile imperfections.
  • Create a healthier smile and bite.

After a quick consultation with Dr. Bollu, you’ll know which teeth straightening method is right for you. Here at Providence Dental, we are committed to quality care, and we hope we have the chance to serve you. Call today to schedule your visit!

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