Orthodontics for Children

get braces for kids in North Las Vegas today at our pediatric orthodontistThe American Association of Orthodontists suggests that all children see a pediatric orthodontist by age 7. This is the age when the permanent molars and incisors have erupted for most children. When treatment starts early, orthodontics for children can guide jawbone growth to give your child a healthy and low-maintenance smile later on.

Braces for Kids in North Las Vegas

Not all children need braces for kids. Dr. Bollu can help you determine if your child could benefit from orthodontics for children.

If Dr. Bollu suggests braces for kids, he will find a treatment that is right for your child. Our pediatric dentist will regulate your child’s jaw growth to ensure sufficient space for the permanent teeth.

Orthodontics for children can prevent many problems down the road, including:

  • Adult tooth extractions
  • Abnormal swallowing or speech patterns
  • Impacted or infected permanent teeth
  • Poor bite that causes pain

Bring your child in for a consultation with our pediatric dentist. Dr. Bollu and his team will make your child feel at home in our friendly and comfortable office.
visit our pediatric orthodontist in Providence NV

Interceptive Orthodontics for Children

Interceptive orthodontics involves diagnosing and treating malocclusions as early as possible. When a bad bite is detected in a seven-year-old patient, your pediatric orthodontist can reverse the problem easily before all of the permanent teeth have erupted.
Phase 1 Treatment
Phase 1 Treatment is a form of interceptive orthodontics. Phase 1 is part of the 2-Phase orthodontic treatment method that involves orthodontics for children.

Your child may need Phase 1 Treatment, or braces for kids, if they have moderate to severe orthodontic problems that should not wait for care. These problems may involve growth-related issues or bad habits.
Habit Breaking
Tongue thrusting, thumbsucking, and finger sucking are all bad habits that can damage your child’s smile. Our orthodontic team can educate you and your child about habit-breaking. We can provide you with an orthodontic appliance that can eliminate the habit within days.

If your child is around age 7, it may be time for their first consultation. Our pediatric team will help your child build a good relationship with orthodontics and have a positive experience.

To learn more about the benefits of braces for kids, call us at Providence Dental today!

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