Orthodontics for Teens

get invisalign teen for your teenager in Providence NVThe teenage years are some of the most common to wear braces. Teens want to achieve their best appearance. They want to create a beautiful smile and prepare themselves for a lifetime of health, confidence, and success.

Invisalign® Teen and Other Options

Dr. Bollu works everyday to help teens find their ideal orthodontic treatment. You can feel free to express your concerns and preferences to our team.

Are you worried about choosing between subtle clear braces and creative braces colors? Do you have questions about making your braces experience as comfortable as possible? We are right here to guide you at Providence Dental.

Metal Braces | Metal braces are tried and true orthodontics that can reverse virtually any smile imperfection. Some of the reasons you might choose traditional braces are listed below.

Perfect for Complicated Cases | Teens with moderate to severe orthodontic needs may need the power of traditional braces for an effective treatment.
Display Your Personality | Many patients are excited to show off their creative sides with braces colors. Traditional brackets allow you to choose metallic, neon, or more subtle colors.
Constant Orthodontic Care | Some patients prefer removable orthodontics, but others need the permanence of metal braces for the best outcome. You won’t have to worry about removing and keeping track of your braces when they are always on your teeth.

choose your braces colors in North Las VegasClear Braces | Clear braces function just like metal braces. They have similar perks and drawbacks to metal braces, but they are preferred by patients who want a more discreet braces treatment.

Invisalign® Teen | Invisalign® teen is an ideal treatment for patients who want a removable and invisible orthodontic alternative. Benefits of Invisalign® Teen include:

No Dietary Limitations | You can remove your aligners each time you eat. Invisalign® Teen allows you to eat all of your favorite foods without any restrictions.
Dependable Comfort | While you may notice some pressure with Invisalign® Teen, you will enjoy the smooth nature of the plastic aligners. These braces will not irritate the gums or lips.
Fast Results | Invisalign® Teen is used for more mild cases of misalignment or malocclusion. Most patients see results in a year or less!

Retainers After Braces

After you achieve your perfect smile, you will need to maintain your results with retainers after braces. Don’t worry! We will fashion comfortable retainers that are custom-made for you. Retainers after braces only have to be worn at night, so they do not require as much commitment as braces do.

We are eager to help you determine which orthodontics are best for you. Call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Bollu today!

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